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Grey Nomads in Australia: How Many Are There?

Grey nomads have made a huge contribution to the Australian travel and tourism industry, but as the population ages and more retirees choose to hit the road, this trend is only expected to increase. In this report, we will be looking into who exactly are grey nomads, what trends can be seen in their behaviour and why it’s important for Australians to embrace the ever-increase of these travellers.

What Are Grey Nomads?

A grey nomad is someone who has retired and chooses to travel around Australia for extended periods of time. They usually travel in caravans or motorhomes, often following a set circuit with predetermined stops along the way. Grey nomads tend to seek out places that offer low-cost living with plenty of things to do, such as fishing or swimming at local beaches and visiting attractions nearby. For many pensioners, travelling around Australia gives them an affordable way to experience different parts of their homeland while also managing their budget on retirement income – so while they are free from the pressure of full-time employment or raising children at home, they’re still able to enjoy life by exploring someplace new every day.

Who Are They?

In 2018/19 there were an estimated 1.5 million grey nomads travelling within Australia – that’s a lot! It’s thought that around 40% of them were retired couples touring together in caravans or motorhomes while 60% travelled alone; sometimes meeting up with other lone travellers en route across the country. Most often (but not exclusively) 45+ years old men tend to make up most of this demographic, although women increasingly too take part in grey nomadic practices.

The majority – upwards of 70 per cent - come from New South Wales and Queensland with Tasmania being one region which is becoming surprisingly popular amongst potential elderly adventurers keen on experiencing its wilderness areas along well maintained roads such as the Great Eastern Drive.

Where Do They Go?

Interestingly enough it seems that nearly two thirds (65%) stick close by state lines - preferring instead a nice comfortable drive along our marvelous highways boasting limited traffic allowing one to “stop anywhere you please", unlikely major roads where restrains unfortunately exist which understandably prevents long layovers at scenic outlooks - taking everything slowly having sampled plenty bits along various routes over distinct regions throughout each province prior setting off again in search further unexplored territories along indefinite no destination compass points Utopia dreamy living where ordinary has became somehow extraordinary against wide open daylight skies rolling upon ridge line horizons yet forever surreal timelines ultimately existing within ourselves everyday lifted off pedestrian towns.

What Trends Can Be Seen In Their Behaviour?

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Why Is It Important To Embrace The Ever-Increasing Numbers Of Grey Nomads In Australia ?

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