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About Australia's Gay Nomads

'Australia's Gay Nomads' community group are all ages, genders and hair colour.

Visit the Official facebook page for the community group

'Australia's Gay Nomads' have caravans – both vintage and modern – as well as motorhomes and camper trailers. Current group membership is predominantly from New South Wales and Victoria but the aim is to expand to a nationwide reach.

The concept, which has been coalescing around a small number of LGBTI+ people who took their vans and tents to regional gay and lesbian festivals, is now being organised into an official community group.

“The events themselves soon became only a part of it for us,” said co-founder Glenn Watson. “You form wonderful bonds within the mini-communities that spring up in caravan parks and campsites during a festival.

You never know who will pitch their tent beside you!

Everyone is relaxed and on holidays, they often have their pets with them – it’s just a great vibe around a camp fire making new friends.”

Organising an event is open to any individual facebook member of 'Australia's Gay Nomads'. Just shout out if you are going away and if you want people to join you then let fellow Gay Nomads know on our facebook 'Australia's Gay Nomads'.

The purpose of this website is to give you a one-stop site to meet other people Caravanning and Camping that you might just want to hook up with and belt in their tent pegs.

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Camp Matriarch



Miranda Fair is a Retail Therapist from the Sutherland Shire. She has been out and about at charity events for over 20 years, with a professional life that has been all about hosting and singing. For many years she made karaoke more bearable in pubs and clubs around Sydney and now performs regularly with The Blue Mabels and her own fabulous jazz quintet.

Miranda travels with her 1963 vintage caravan to regional LGBTI+ events and festivals. As the NSW Ambassador for the official 'Australia's Gay Nomads' community group, she promotes creativity through arts and crafts such as the painting of parade banners and the making of cushions and curtains. She is very big on achieving just the right balance of colour, texture and decoration in the soft furnishings for ones very own home-on-wheels and is happy to talk at length to anyone who will listen.

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Camp Mother

Australia's Gay Nomads

Camp Mother - Lynne in the Mardi Gras Parade

Lynne & Linda have been travelling Australia for ten years in a myriad of vehicles on a working holiday.
They started their travelling life in a Jayco Heritage lovingly called 'Chateau Sheila' which they lived in for two years.

Lynne then downsized to an Avan named T-Pot for a couple of years which fitted comfortably under McDonalds and bottle shop drive thru's.

The need for an inside loo drove them to upsize to an 8 mtr Winnebago Esperance and a Suzuki 4WD tow vehicle called 'Zena'.

Lynne and Linda combine work and play as they live on the road about seven months of the year.

Contact Lynne via 'Australia's Gay Nomads' Facebook Page for more details.

They now travel in a Winnebago called 'Travelyackies' and always listen in on channel 40.
They are happy to offer travel advice, suggestions on equipment and answer questions on a particular touring route, festival or place to visit.

On location Camp Mother will always have a camp fire burning (if allowed) for you to sit, meet new friends and share lots of laughs!

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Camp Stool Safaris

Broken Heel Festival 2017

Broken Heel Festival 2017

'Australia's Gay Nomads' next catch up

The Broken Heel Festival

8, 9, 10 September 2017  - More details and tickets here

Adventures in the desert @BrokenHeelFestival. Priscilla’s spiritual home pops the cork on 3 days of drag, divas,disco, dressups and damn good times.

You know you’ve always wanted to hit the road…well now is the time.

Hosted at the colourful Palace Hotel, Silverton Hotel and the shining Silver City of Broken Hill the festival offers all of the authentic favourite haunts from the iconic film Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

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Fair Day

'Australia's Gay Nomads' at Fair Day 2017

The campsite set up at Fair Day was a huge success!

Everything from tents, a retro caravan, brand new campervans, hire campervan and a 'whip cracker' in the middle!

Plenty of new members joined on the day and we look forward to camping together!





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Camp Kitchen

Dolly Varden Cake

Dolly Varden Cake

Camp stuff information will grow and evolve as everyone contributes to our community.

This could be a funny story, an interesting new gadget or stuff for sale or swap.

Thank you to Iain (Victorian Gay Nomad) for the Dolly Varden Cake

Rainbow Cup Cakes

Rainbow Bagels

27 Rainbow Recipes To Make With Pride

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Camp Fashion

Matriarch Fashion

Matriarch Fashion

We will be bringing you the latest fashion guides in how to wear and mix and match your treasured souvenir tea towel or the hand me downs aprons from your mother that you have never know quite how to wear or with what you could mix and match with it. Let us solve your Camp Fashion disasters.

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Fair Day 2017